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Mouth to Mouth events in May

‘Mouth to Mouth: a Celebration between two rivers’ highlights art and artists in Bridgend.
Immediate release. 10.4.11
‘Mouth to Mouth’, a statement of art and community by people who live between the mouths of the rivers Cynffig and Ogmore, is organized by members of ‘ Arts For The Earth ’ and is funded by the Arts Council of Wales.
It features artists who perform and collaborate at ‘The Green Room’ in Porthcawl, 41 John Street, Porthcawl. Events include (see advert below).
Margaret Minhinnick of ‘Sustainable Wales’ said today: “‘Mouth to Mouth’ is a testament to local people who recognize they are lucky to live in a unique part of the world, and wish to celebrate its history and vibrant present.
‘The arts are vital to any definition of ‘sustainability’.  What is art, but a description of what it means to be human?
“We’re pleased that Mouth to Mouth means our artists visit other parts of Bridgend county borough.
“The public is invited to all events. And we would like to hear from anyone else interested in joining ‘Arts for the Earth’ at our regular meetings. It’s an exciting development in local life.”
More information: Sustainable Wales 01656 783405  <[email protected]>