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Wearing Away

Added more songs to the downloads section. New Year's Revelation from Incredible Tractors (vintage 1987 amazingly) has been remixed from the original multitrack tape and you can now hear the monster from the id much more clearly.

A new Panzerknacker song, Spatula Message, with vocals and a new mix, is available for download, and on the Reverbnation Player. A short odd song experimenting with the slightly spooky Alex speech synthesis has been hammered onto the various section page.

A higher quality AAC version is also available, this will play in iTunes or similar.

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Some remixes of Wearing Away by Incredible Tractors, have been added, re-mastered from the original million year old recordings.

Shuper Shtar DJ

Added links, Panzerknacker page in bands etc.

Nouvelle Vague live video added

Shuper Shtar Rikki van Ronkle is back from rehab and on the web again...

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