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Lossless CD quality songs

Krell musicians have been at it again - another turd polish with a new mix of NYR placed on the music downloads page for the Incredible Tractors. This mix is a wide stereo master with added chrome.

Walkthrough Pigboy remixed (again)

Now lossless CD quality Panzerknacker songs are available on Molebomb. The lossless format produces files which are CD quality but not as large as the normal CD quality files (wav or aiff). The type used at present is Apple Lossless a type of MP4 (AAC encoded) file, which can be played in iTunes. Eventually albums will be also encoded in the open source flac format also. The files are larger than a typical “MP3” however, typically being over 20mb each. Anew page in the music download section has been created to store these beautiful sparkling moments of audio ecstasy. Ahem.

deTor added, Gig in exeter

Two mixes of Walkthrough Pigboy; shorter with new drums etc. The differences is in the final sound: the ‘fat’ mix uses some extensive multi compression on the track - it's a little extreme but very punchy and the ‘final’ mix is similar but different freq emphasis less bombastic in feel.

Find them at the base of the page of the
Panzerknacker Downloads section.

New song from Flabdominal

Added a page for
deTor, European roots music with a gypsy swing feel (acoustic and rather wonderful),

Gig coming up: 27th July (Sunday)

July, 27 2008 at The Well House Cathedral Yard, Exeter, Southwest Cost : free

New Panzerknacker image

“Fill my head”, a new song by Flabdominal Simon Griffiths (guitar), David MCormack (bass machine), Adrian Boyles (vocals, guitar) and Edward Griffiths (guitar). Available in the downloads page; this is just a very eary rough mix to give you an idea of the sound of Flabdominal.