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One Stop Nothing

A smarter image is now displayed on the Panzerknacker band page.

Flabdominal in the flesh

Added two versions of One Stop Nothing, the 2008 remix (with added melancholy) - a high quality 256kbps 9.5 Mb versiion in AAC (play in iTunes or similar) and a smaller 128kbps MP3 version (4.5 Mb). Located in the downloads page for Panzerknacker, all the latest downloads are at the base of the page.


Added a new picture of Flabdominal to their page

Flabdominally yours

The Commune event that first occurred in August 2006 is being served up again like Richard’s elderflower wine. Check back for the Commune this year - probably featuring Flabdominal, Panzerknacker and WMD. Usual unusual alt music malarkey included.

Another site

Flabdominal the latest band to emerge from the maelstrom of flickering musical therapy seeking individuals who frequent the Nottage area of Roysten by the Sea have been pushed further into obscurantist oblivion with a page in the Band section. Expect downloads etc. soon. Rumours of Simon Griffiths receiving a court order to prevent intentional Whitesnake solos are utterly unfounded.

Syanade song remixed

A simple placeholder really, ennui of the gui