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Walkthrough Pigboy remixed (again)

Now lossless CD quality Panzerknacker songs are available on Molebomb. The lossless format produces files which are CD quality but not as large as the normal CD quality files (wav or aiff). The type used at present is Apple Lossless a type of MP4 (AAC encoded) file, which can be played in iTunes. Eventually albums will be also encoded in the open source flac format also. The files are larger than a typical “MP3” however, typically being over 20mb each. Anew page in the music download section has been created to store these beautiful sparkling moments of audio ecstasy. Ahem.

New song from Flabdominal

Added a page for
deTor, European roots music with a gypsy swing feel (acoustic and rather wonderful),

Gig coming up: 27th July (Sunday)

July, 27 2008 at The Well House Cathedral Yard, Exeter, Southwest Cost : free

New songs added!

“Standing there”, by the infamous eighties poodle rockers Syanade has been remixed from the original multitrack and placed in the Various section of the downloads for you to avoid.

More songs added

Added a link to Kathryn's online portfolio in the links section

Wearing Away

Added more songs to the downloads section. New Year's Revelation from Incredible Tractors (vintage 1987 amazingly) has been remixed from the original multitrack tape and you can now hear the monster from the id much more clearly.

A new Panzerknacker song, Spatula Message, with vocals and a new mix, is available for download, and on the Reverbnation Player. A short odd song experimenting with the slightly spooky Alex speech synthesis has been hammered onto the various section page.

A higher quality AAC version is also available, this will play in iTunes or similar.

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More songs

Black Hands. A poem by Robert Minhinnick illustrated with unique footage taken during his visit to the Amiriya bunker in Iraq after the first Gulf War. Harrowing, moving and dark.

View in browser

More Panzerknacker songs

Created a simple dashboard widget that shows the latest news headlines for Wales from icWales. It's freeware and you can grab it from downloads, eventually it will be on the Apple Widget downloads section. Built with Apple's Dashcode.

There are also widgets for Welsh farming & country news, business in wales, Welsh rugby headlines (Rugbynation) and football coverage from icWales. If you want others from icWales, just leave a comment.

Requires Mac OS X, Dashboard (i.e. 10.4.3 Tiger at least, universal binary). All widgets are zipped, small sized downloads.

Also created a similar widget which displays the News posts from this page. Molebomb on your Dashboard.

Pier Gig Incredible Tractors 1889

Wordblaster is a blog I periodically post to which has all sorts of links and tips, software reviews for Mac etc.

Live at the Apollo Incredible Tractors 1989

The entire Pier Gig including Richard's potty mouthed salutations to the audience has been made ready for your feverish clickfest. Check out the Incredbile Tractors historically awful gig in downloads.

Josephine's Rain in downloads

An entire live set from the Incredible Tractors playing at the Apollo with a 4k PA which literally brought the roof down has been added to the downloads section. Two larger MP3 files.

Wizards of Mass Distraction songs added

Josephine's Rain by Robert Minhinnick and Wizards of Mass Distraction is a thirty minute storm of words, images and music. From gravel crunching to fairground to distorted guitars. This version has elements recorded live melded into its soundscape. A larger download at 27mb (128kbs MP3), but you're curious aren't you?

Satisfy yourself now

Robert Minhinnick - poetry
Richard Thomas - Guitar, Keyboards, Noise
Peter Morgan - Keyboards, Moog and writing replies to the noise abatement society...

Loads more songs to download.

Added a couple of obscure (aren't they all?) trracks from WMD, Boppy and BT5 plus Exterminate!

More updates

Raiding the archives again with songs from Cardboard, Rain, Syandade (yes I'm sorry), 43 bloody weedy pooftas, Rhinoceros. All ready to download.

More free downloads - Sister Ray, Pleasure & Joy

Added the ability to leave comments and rate these posts Read more...

Added Panzerknacker song

Pleasure and Joy plus Sister Ray (live) added to the downloads section... Read more...