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One Stop Nothing 2009

Added a new mix of the Panzerknacker song One Stop Nothing to the downloads page.

New Video and Songs

Fixed the issue that was preventing downloads from working.

Walkthrough Pigboy remixed (again)

Now lossless CD quality Panzerknacker songs are available on Molebomb. The lossless format produces files which are CD quality but not as large as the normal CD quality files (wav or aiff). The type used at present is Apple Lossless a type of MP4 (AAC encoded) file, which can be played in iTunes. Eventually albums will be also encoded in the open source flac format also. The files are larger than a typical “MP3” however, typically being over 20mb each. Anew page in the music download section has been created to store these beautiful sparkling moments of audio ecstasy. Ahem.

New Panzerknacker image

“Fill my head”, a new song by Flabdominal Simon Griffiths (guitar), David MCormack (bass machine), Adrian Boyles (vocals, guitar) and Edward Griffiths (guitar). Available in the downloads page; this is just a very eary rough mix to give you an idea of the sound of Flabdominal.

New songs added!

“Standing there”, by the infamous eighties poodle rockers Syanade has been remixed from the original multitrack and placed in the Various section of the downloads for you to avoid.


Some remixes of Wearing Away by Incredible Tractors, have been added, re-mastered from the original million year old recordings.