Marriage is the most important stage in the life of any individual. Getting committed to a person for the lifetime is an overwhelming feeling. Somebody said that “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times always with the same person”. Failing to do so often leads to some dire consequences like divorce. When people divorce it is always a tragedy. At the same time, sometimes things get so worsened that if they stay together it can be even worse. Across all the countries, London has been named as the ‘divorce capital of the world.’ Utah divorce education class online

Breaking up in London

The city of London takes the crown when it comes to huge settlements following short marriages, numerous court cases with celebrity wives digging for riches. However, the majority of divorce cases in England occur in middle class couples. Since marriage is a legally binding contract, one needs to go through a legal process to undo it. Here comes the role of divorce lawyers London.

Divorce laws in London

The divorce laws in England just suite those stay at home mothers who give up their career to look after the household. Here a woman’s contribution as a mother and a home maker is recognized to be equal by the courts to the hardworking man who makes millions. Divorce is granted on the basis of irreparable breakdown of marriage. Currently there are five grounds for divorce which can be considered as evidences for irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. They are:

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